Graduation Info

Graduation Information 2019

Balfour delivered all Graduation Supplies (with the exception of Steins) on March 14, 2019.  Any orders that were done later than the 2 school days last fall will either be mailed to the graduates home or mailed to school.  Students will be called to office by Mrs. Kris Callebs for immediate delivery if items are shipped to the school. Steins are usually drop shipped to school for delivery by the 1st week of May. 

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 Graduation Practice has been scheduled for Friday, May 10, 2019 from 3:00-4:30 p.m. Meet in cafeteria no later than 3:00 (casual dress/NO cap and gown needed).  PRACTICE IS MANDATORY. Tickets for alternate gym graduation will be distributed to all graduates at practice.  Encumbered students (for owed books, fees, etc.) will recieve tickets once emcumbrance is cleared in the library.

Graduation will be held on Friday, May 17, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. on the football field at Spring Hill High School.  Admission for graduation on the football field will be "open admission" with no ticket required.  In the event of rain, Graduation ceremonies will be moved to the gymnasium (SAME DATE/SAME TIME), and admission will be by ticket only. Each graduate will receive 7 tickets at practice which will be needed ONLY if rain requires the ceremony to move into the gymnasium.   Live streaming of the graduation ceremonies will be available with a link from our website.

Graduation supplies should be purchased through Balfour.   The company comes to the school for seniors to order graduation supplies such as cap and gown, diploma cover and tassel, class rings, invitations, etc. Orders were taken for the class of 2019 in October 2018, so if your child failed to order a cap and gown or grad items, it can only be done through the Balfour website. 


Ceremony FAQs:

What is the minimum order my student needs for graduationThe only required materials are cap, gown, diploma cover and tassel.  Those items are covered by the Senior Fee line-item on the Balfour Website.  In the early fall, it roughly $65.00 plus tax and handling. After January 1st, the same items are $75.

Borrowed Cap and Gown?  We have a limited supply of cap and gowns (about 25). You will still need to buy a tassel and diploma cover for $25.00 (this includes $15 for diploma cover and $10 for tassel).  If you would like to borrow a gown, you need to contact Leah Thompson by April 29, 2019 and bring cash or money order to SHHS to purchase tassel and diploma cover.  A tassel will be ordered for you, and you will be sized for a borrowed cap and gown upon payment for the tassel and diploma cover.  The tassel and diploma cover are the graduate's to keep and the cap and gown are returned to the school.  If you are using a siblings (etc.) old gown. this line item will apply to you!

Graduation ceremonies are not required activities for school, so free or reduced lunch policies do not apply and we cannot waive the senior fee and buy your cap and gown.  But if you do have financial issues, we can go with the borrowing option and you are welcome to talk to Mrs. Thompson to make special arrangements.


Graduation Contact Information:

Ceremony/ Supply Questions:  

Leah Thompson 

486-2207 ext. 2042 


Senior Pictures/Baby Pictures/Yearbook questions:

Amy Reece

486-2207 ext. 2021